How to Stay Productive Thru Snow Storms and Other Nasty Weather Events

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So on those days that we are trapped in the house because of mother nature, it is sometimes viewed as a dead day, where you do nothing much but wait for the weather to clear, well maybe that isn’t the right approach, check out this article on how to stay productive during a storm, HERE.

Lifehacker Guide To Android Market Place

Android Market

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The Android Market place has been upgraded, you can now access it from a web browser which makes finding things on the site considerably easier now, and for a guide on how to get the most out of the new site, check out this cool Lifehacker article HERE.

Use Twitter to Find Work

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So your on the hunt for employment, well why not tap the power of Twitter to find that new job or at least get you on the path, check out this article on how you can achieve this, HERE.

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