Remove Labeling from USB Key or Other Devices

USB flash drive SanDisk

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So you got a USB key at some school you went as a free gift, but you hate the fact that it has the schools name or something on it, wish you could remove that branding? Well check out this article with a pretty cool DIY hack you can do to remove that label which is simply Sweet as sugar so to speak, check the details of the process HERE.

BlueTooth Mouse Tip

Bluetooth Mouse

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So you have a BlueTooth mouse but from time to time it gets a little bit sluggish, well maybe this article can provide a solution to your problem, check the article out HERE.

How to Block SMS messages

SMS message received on a Motorola RAZR wirele...

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So your annoyed at the crap SMS text messages your receiving from some random fool, you know longer have any interest in dealing with, well check out this article with a few different solution to blocking SMS text messages, HERE.

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