HTC Evo 4G Review

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So I got a HTC Evo 4G device the other day and I have wrote a little summary of what i think about the device, check the article out HERE.

File Indexing with Locale32

Browser and operating systems

Image by Paul Watson via Flickr

This is a pretty useful program if you need to Index your systems files, but not interested in using the OS‘es native tools for the task which sometimes can be more trouble that its worth to implement, so check out this program that can perform the same task and maybe at a lessor resource cost, check the programs homepage HERE.

Death Cries of a Hard Drive

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So your Hard Drive just started to make some weird noises as if it were trying to tell your something you just don’t understand that language till you read this article that well help you communicate better with a dying hard drive, sounds crazy, read on HERE.

Live Wallpaper for Android

Google Android

Image by Scarygami via Flickr

So your into the moving images or the cool backgrounds that your Android device allows, well check out this new application that allows us to do more with your live background, need more information, check the applications homepage right HERE.

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