Need to Jailbreak your iOS device to Fireware 4.2.1

The iOS home screen.

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Check out this great article on how to jailbreak your iOS device to firmware 4.2.1 put together but the great people at lifehacker, check the article out HERE.

Airline Baggage chart

Pilot and Co-pilot go over the pre-flight chec...

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Check out this blog that put together a great chart of the crazy baggage fees that are charged today at most airlines, check the blog out HERE.

Faking a phone is okay sometimes?

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (Shangh...

Image by Wolfgang Staudt via Flickr

Believe it or not there are times where you need to fake a phone call in order to find the truth to a issue, verify something, check out this article that lays down the laws of when its okay to make a fake phone call, HERE.

Switching from PC to Mac?

Screenshot of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, released ...

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So your moving on from a perfectly fine PC to a Mac cause your rich now and don’t mind to buy name brand computer stuff, need a guide to using that new MAC because your a windows person check this  article out, HERE.

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