Remember people as Cartoons?

Meet the Family

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So from time to time if you meet a lot of people over a course of time, or live in a big city like NYC sometimes you forget who people are, you meet so many, and perhaps that person you meet 3 years ago really didnt leave an impression on you enjoy to say Ahhh i remember you, this happens to me often, but check out this tip for remember these forgotten souls, but remembering them as cartoons, sounds nutz, but check the logic behind the idea, HERE.

The Hanging Kit

het Loo (5)

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So you love to hang things on walls well check out this great kit that has everything you need to hang something up almost on every type of surface you can think, check the kit out HERE.

Create a Green Screen with your Computer

That's Mr to You

Image by maxymedia via Flickr

So your exploring the creative side of yourself and decided you need a green screen for the next scene in your saga but have no clue where your going to get that from, well fear not, check out this great lifehacker article on how to produce one for yourself, HERE.

Kill Germs in your Laundry with Mouthwash

course of growth of a texture: (1) First cryst...

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Sounds like a crazy idea, but if you are worried about germs in your wash then you might consider this as a easy way to kill those germs, check this article out for more details on how it all works, HERE.

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