My Blackberry Experience

BlackBerry 8800 (Cingular Version)

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So I recently left a blackberry device behind, but I have written a little article about my experience with the device, some pro’s and con’s about the device and hopefully my experience can help you decide if your ready for a blackberry, check the review out HERE.

2D glasses for 3D movie

RealD glasses used in 3D movie theaters.

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So you might be one of those people that really don’t care for 3D in fact you might hate it all together and wish that you could watch that 3D only movie in 2D instead, well beyond this DIY project to construct 2D glasses for that 3D movie, HERE.

The Telemarketers Secrets

Call centre floor during shift

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We all hate getting calls from telemarketers trying to pawn of whatever they have to sell to you regardless of if you want to hear what they say after the first few sentences, so why not understand the secrets of these telephone beast in order to better defend against them when they call, check some of their secrets HERE.

The power of the Hive Mind

The God of the Hive

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Although we are taught to think as individuals there is some merit to thinking in a hive mind, a collective, in this way if a hive works together they can achieve nearly anything you can think of, need more to believe in this way of thinking, check out this article on the topic, HERE.

How to apply a Screen Protector

One of the free goodies from 2010 Google IO Co...

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The other day I wasted the screen protector I bought for my HTC EVO because I did not take a look at a video like this which gives some useful tips for when you are applying a screen protector to your device, don’t make the mistake I did check this video out, HERE.

Replace Stock Shoe Laces with Nautical Rope?

Boot with shoelaces, photo taken in Sweden The...

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So don’t you hate when that knot becomes undone, some shoe laces just seem more pron to getting unraveled just cause maybe the lace material just sucks for making knots, well stop getting down on your knees every 10 minutes and replace those laces with nautical rope, sounds nuts, well check out this article that talks about the merits of this project HERE.

Verizon iPhone Hotspot without the Fee

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

So you just got a new iPhone for Verizon‘s network and your into making your device a hots pot for when your out and about, well check out this article that talks about the steps you can take to get your device to act as a hot spot without any extra fee’s, check the article out HERE or HERE.

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