Free Time Management desktop program

Time Management

Image by Intersection Consulting via Flickr

Check out this cool time management program that was previously sold for $99 USD, which is now offered for free, all you have to do is sign up at the attached link for your license for the program to get started, check the site out HERE.

Easy way to Edit Linux Boot Menu

Screenshot of GNU GRUB, ready to boot ubuntu 8...

Image via Wikipedia

So your Linux boot menu is a bit messed up, has a few entries that don’t exist anymore, or doesn’t reflect the real nature of the line, well fix it up with this great tool call GRUB, check more information on the tool, HERE.

Sleep can help you Remember Important things

Health Check

Image via Wikipedia

So you always hear that you need to sleep, but asides from phyiscal rest of the body a lot more seems to be going on when we close are eyes. Check out this article that explains why getting a proper amount of rest is important when your mind commits things to memory, check the article out HERE.

Social behavioral Hacking

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan.

Image via Wikipedia

So there parts of your social behavior that you like, but then there are some tendencies of yours that you rather change to reflect the way you like to see yourself coming off to others, well check this article on your quest to changing your behavior HERE.

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