Zinc trumps Chicken Soup Versus a Cold

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So believe it or not according to the linked article in this post, Zinc is better for you in regards to combating a cold than the good old remedy of some chicken soup, don’t take my word for it check out this New York Times article on it, HERE.

How to deal with “Angry” eMails

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So your boss just sent you a email full of caps and it seems like his is really mad, instead of replying back to him, a better way to defuse the tension believe it or not is to reply in person, check this article out on why this works HERE.

Overcome “The Unit Effect” when Shopping

All Marketers Are Liars

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Check out this article that talks about how wording makes all the difference in a ad, where 31 days seems more than a mere 1 month after all 31 more than 1 right, check out more of the tricks marketers attempt to use on us, HERE.

Using Emotions in Emails

Facial emotions.

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Check out this article that talks about why it might be worth using emotions in emails, might seem a bit crazy, need to know more check the article out HERE.

Get GingerBread(Android OS 2.3) for your Rooted Android Device

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So your not cool with letting the Nexus S be the only Android based phone running this new Android OS, me either, as of this post I am in the process of installing this new firmware which has a bit to offer, if your willing to take the leap check the download out HERE.

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