Shopping at Bulk retailers like BJ’s and Costco the Right Way!

Entrance of a typical Costco warehouse club.

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So you shop at a bulk retailer to save money, but at times the deals in these places makes us want to make bulk purchases of items we don’t really need or items we did not intent on buying, well check out this article that may be able to help the next time you walk into a bulk retailer like Costco or BJ’s, check the article out HERE.

Splashtop For Windows. A Chromium Based OS

Main logo and icon for the open source interne...

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So all you do is internet based, and your ready to make the leap and move to an OS that is totally about the internet, well check out Splashtop a OS based on Chromium, It will work on most windows machines, for more information check out their homepage HERE.

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