HTC Evo 4G experience 2.0

Within the last month and change I have looked at every time of Custom ROM
you can get for this device, AOSP HTC Sense MIUI/Ports and the verdict is
Sense is great but AOSP CM7 Rules all. I Will describe the general way to
get this rom installed on your device with everything but HDMI working plus
a little Honeycomb flavor added in! Post will drop within the week!


How to keep that New Idea Fresh

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

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When we have a new idea, or plan we always tend to get excited we can’t put it down, but then when that idea gets old we sometimes put it aside or not pay as much attention cause the idea has lost its newest, well check this article on how to avoid this problem, HERE.

Using Google Voice on Sprint Just Got Super Easy

Sprint Nextel

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If your using Google Voice, then you might consider switching over to Sprint because they seem to be the first provider in the United States to embrace Google Voice as a service, check out the official statements about the usage of GV on Sprint, Here, Here and HERE.

Flash 10.2 For Android Devices

Adobe Flash Player Icon

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So your using Flash now on your mobile device, and of course you want to always be running the latest version of Flash Player, so make sure you update your device, check more information on the release, HERE.

Firefox 4 is Finally Here

Mozilla Firefox word mark. Guestimated clear s...

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So if your like me you love the new Firefox 4 that been in RC for a few weeks now and finally you can grab the final version of the browser HERE.

Backup Jailbroken Applications on the iOS

A screenshot of the Spirit Jailbreak Tool on M...

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So you jailbroken you device, and you want to backup before lets say a new jailbreak to another iOS, check out this article that details the backing up process of jailbroken applications on your iOS device, HERE.

Location affects Online Shopping?

Map of USA with New York highlighted

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Never really thought about this much, but living in New York is great because Online shopping is usually geared up to major cities like mine, with warehouses located in the northeast, but for others they may be in a location where they end up paying more for online shopping because of shipping cost, check out this article that breaks the topic down further, HERE.

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