Ask a Google Guru!

Google Logo officially released on May 2010

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So your in need of a Google search but your on a mobile device, or you used to use Google SMS and now want to find something like it well you’ve come to the right place, now its ask a Google Guru time, check out the service, HERE.

Stop comparing You to others, its foolish!

Andrew Carnegie, American businessman and phil...

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I came across this great article that talks about people need to compare themselves against others, which in reality is very foolish, just like every snow flake is different so are people and what they are capable of, so stop comparing, need more proof, check this article out HERE.

Control Your PC’s Volume from your Mouse Wheel

Computer screen and speakers on West Brom 4eve...

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Check out this pretty cool program that will allow you to control the volume of your PC’s speakers using your Mouse Wheel, seems pretty cool check out the programs homepage, HERE.

Getting the most out of Multiply Computers

Samsung NC20 - Lid Open - Side View

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So you have a Netbook, a Laptop and a Desktop computer, plus a Home server, well thats just me, but chances are you have a few different computers, how do you best use them all, well check this great Lifehacker article on an approach you can use, HERE.

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