Getting the most out of Multiply Computers

Samsung NC20 - Lid Open - Side View

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So you have a Netbook, a Laptop and a Desktop computer, plus a Home server, well thats just me, but chances are you have a few different computers, how do you best use them all, well check this great Lifehacker article on an approach you can use, HERE.

Crowded Spaces leads to disarray?


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I came across this great article that talks about how a crowded space and lead to people losing focus, which might be true, to learn more about the issue, check the article out HERE.

Setting Up Wake-On-LAN

A SMD (surface-mount device) FTDI chip, on the...

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If your like me you want total control of your electronic devices when you need them and having a computer shut down that has all of your files is no use, so setting up Wake-On-LAN might be a solution that your interested in, turn your computer on even when your not home, check out this great Lifehacker article on the topic HERE.

Compare Mortgages rates, Credit Cards and other Financial Services

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So your looking to do some new Mortgage loan, or looking to get a second credit card, but your not sure where you want to take your business yet, you want to know if you can get good rates, well check out how Google can be used to accomplish this task, HERE.

Digitize your Comic Book Collection

Forgotten Comic Book Heroes: The Lost Boys

Image by Terry McCombs via Flickr

So you got all those old comic books from the 70’s and 80’s and now your looking to bring them into the year 2011, maybe even re-read some of those old classics you grew up on, but you have a nook now and its time to go paperless and such, well check out this article on how to digitize your comic book collection, HERE.

How to ask for things?

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Image by Jamie Garner via Flickr

This might seem a no brainer but  a lot of the time people just don’t know how to ask for something, they ask for things but sometimes they ask for more than they should, maybe you get a lot of problems working with people, maybe you suffer from this, either way this is a pretty good article to check out, check it out HERE.

Downfall for those that seek Perfection

Past Imperfect

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Perfection probably couldn’t not be obtained in this life time, and since we are imperfect by nature I suppose we couldn’t even truly understand it if we came across it, but there are downfalls to trying to be the perfect person can actually hurt you, check more about the topic, HERE.

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