Freeze your Jeans to keep it intact!

Toritama produces 15% of the Brazilian jeans

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So you have always wondered I love this pair of Jeans how do i keep it forever, well I have no clue how you can do that, but I do know how you can keep your jeans looking relatively clean and new using the technique used in the linked article check it out, HERE.

A Windows Backup Utility

A PowerLoader tape backup from Overland Storage

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So you want to start to backup your files but have no clue on how to do it, it sounds complex, but it really isn’t, check out this cool program that you can use with windows that will get you on your way to backup your data today, check the homepage HERE.

Reminder Services VIA SMS or Email

Historical marker commemorating the Annual Rem...

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So your not a fan of Google Calendars reminder system although I dont know why you would, and seek an service that you can use to either receive SMS reminders on things you should be doing, or an email reminder, well check out this reminder service for SMS and check out this reminder service for Email.

Using a Young Mentor to get a Job!

Iron Man in his Bleeding Edge armor. Cover art...

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So your now part of the aging portion of the workforce and to a degree, out of touch with the bleeding edge within your field, well one way to combat this issue is to take a young mentor in the field that can get you up to par with the jargon you need to know in order to get a job, check this article out for more information on the topic, HERE.

Internet breaks at work not a bad thing?

Art Spiegelman's cover for the September 24, 2...

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So you sometimes worry that your boss might see you on the internet, or as a boss see your employees on the internet and wonder if thats something you want them to be doing, well apparently according to the linked article and I personally believe this as well, you might be more productive by taking these little internet breaks during the work day, check out this article from The New Yorker for more information on the topic, HERE.

Mount your Amazon Cloud Drive in Windows

The integrated media player in Windows Explore...

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So your using Amazon‘s new Cloud Drive service to store your MP3’s and you would love if you could have the drive appear in Windows Explorer for example to copy some tracks to your local machine, or perhaps some other reason why you need access to the drive, well check out this article on how to do that HERE.

Firefox Addons that Slow Firefox 4 Down

Firefox word mark. Correct clear space (1/3 he...

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This is a great piece of information for anyone that uses Firefox 4 and Addons, you can now look on the list HERE, to see which Firefox 4 Addons are slowing down your browser.

Work on Projects not To-Do lists

Monitoring and Control project activities

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In project management we are taught that when we group like minded projects together into programs you can benefit more from streamlining your projects, well I think the same theory might hold true for To-Do lists that are part of a project of some sort, check out this article on how to deal with this issue, HERE.

Pack like Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants

Image by re-ality via Flickr

If your traveling you always like to take as much things as you need, but sometimes packing all of that stuff becomes an issue, well check out this cool article about how Flight Attendants pack, hopefully you pick up some useful tips, check the article out HERE.

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