3000k Site Hits Milestone

Very pleased to announce the 3000k visit of the site, which be six months
old this month! New page on CM 7 and HTC EVO & Gingerbread!

Get the most out of Windows 7 Magnification Tool

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

Image via Wikipedia

So your using Windows 7 Native Magnification tool but it isn’t working exactly how you would like it, need to get into more detail control on how the tool works? Well check out this article that will enlighten you, HERE.

Sort Clothes by Fabric not Color!

Pure Kush

Well you must be wondering why would you sort your clothes by fabric, instead of color when washing them, well you could save money and energy thats why, are you puzzled like i was, well check out this article that reveals the key to this practice, HERE.

Android Rooting Guide

Exposed gnarly roots in Fall River Park

Image by Martin LaBar via Flickr

The good folks at Lifehacker have put together a great set of guides on Rooting pretty much all Android devices that are out there, but there are some exceptions, never the less you should check out the guide, HERE.

Google Doc Updates in System Tray

Google Docs

Image via Wikipedia

So your on Google Docs passing information back and forth but you need to have a way to check that workspace without having to click thru 1k windows/screens well get the notifications of new documents in your system tray with this article, HERE.

Windows Drive Letter Hack

Windows Drive Letter Assignment-07

Image by Stephen Edgar - Netweb via Flickr

So instead of seeing the label of a drive first you rather see the drive letter for some wacky reason well check out this great article that will let you do just that HERE.

Things you should buy Generic

Montecristo Cigar Brand

Image via Wikipedia

So when your buying food and other items buying a generic name brand usually means less quality but a cheaper price, well apparently there are a few things out there that should be purchased that are generic because there is no real difference between the name brand version and generic, like Gas, Gasoline or like i call it liquid money, check out this cool article that has a list of 6 things you should purchase generic, HERE.

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