Getting the most out of Notepad++ with Plugins

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When I was going through some programming courses for my Btech I found that notepad was a horrible program to use to write code, but I found a program that was perfect at the task, Notepad++, and so I have been hooked ever since, check out this great list of Plugins for the program that makes a good thing even better, HERE.

Getting the most out of your Laptop/Phones Battery

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Now that we are moving to more and more of a mobile nature, we end up using batteries that can sometimes limit what we do based on the limits of the battery technology currently in use, well check this article out on how you can tune up the battery life on your devices, HERE.

Sleeping on your Bus/Train Commute, use TravAlert!

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Now taking a nap on a ride to work or school isn’t always a bad idea, but missing your stop because you decided to nap off is, so how do you solve this issue, simple give TravAlert a whirl, It will alert you when your near to your stop to wake you up, check the applications out, HERE.

Play Games that cause you to Learn?

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So you always like to play games but how about gaining something other than some entertainment from those games, like actually learning skills that will apply in the real world, if your interested in this type of gaming check out this great article I came across that unities the two activities, HERE.

Keeping Track of your Favorite TV Shows

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If your life is going in so many directions that you can’t always remember everything you need to be doing, then remembering when a TV show airs might be one of those forgotten items, well check out 2 great tools you can use to keep track of your Favorite TV shows, HERE and HERE.

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