Database of Free and Discounted Ebooks!

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So your looking to grab some free Ebooks or maybe even buy a few at a discount rate, well check out the linked site in this article for just these needs, HERE.

Have an Exit Strategy before your Hired?

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Check out this cool article that talks about some things to consider before accepting that new job, like preparing for an exit strategy before even getting in the front door, might sound crazy, but check out the reasoning behind this and other tips, HERE.

Artist steal ideas, learn their trick

Colouring pencils

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Although things do become original at some point in the creation process, we all copy something that came before us, and artist do it more often than we non-artist realize, learn their trick and how you can employ this skill to your life, by check out this article HERE.

Coffee vs Tea

A tea set

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So your the type that needs a warm cup of something to start the day, thats not unusually but what is unusually is seeing if there are any benefits to drinking that cup of coffee or tea in the morning, should you drink one over the other, well check out this map out, HERE.

Improve Linux Boot Time

Tux, as originally drawn by Larry Ewing

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So your using Linux and although the Boot time is usually good, your into getting things to their very most optimal state and in doing so you have come to the right place, check out this homepage that will lead you to decreasing your linux boot time, HERE.

Tight Clothes Drains your Energy!

skirt - part of women's clothes

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Did you know that tight clothing can actually make you waste more energy through out the day, do you actually need another reason to not wear tight clothes because the 80’s was over 30 years ago folks, no need to wear that crap anymore, need more reasons why, check out this article HERE.

Get a Broken Light bulb Out of the Socket!

BC base of an incandescent lamp

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So a light bulb just got stuck in the socket and to boot it is also broken so taking it out looks like a dangerous mission unless you don’t mind a few cuts and maybe getting poisoned, well fear not, check out this technique you can use to take out that broken bulb without a scratch, HERE.

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