Make a Consistent tasting brew of Coffee

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So your make coffee everyday but it taste good one day, a bit off the next, then you made a perfect brew, and then never find that same brew again, well just like scientist perhaps you need to document what your doing in order to reproduce the results accurately every time, check out this article that gives some tips on how to make the perfect brew of Coffee every time, HERE.

Grab your next Gift Card @ Cardnap

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Check out this new Web service where you can sell your gift cards to others or purchase gift cards from others that no longer want them and have put the up for sale, pretty cool idea to create this type of web site, everyone gets gift cards they can’t use but here is a way to get rid of them, or get one for cheap, check the homepage HERE.

Breaking Down “Lucky” people

Trifolium repens ?

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I don’t believe i luck myself, there is only chance, and the laws of nature which define events in my book, but to a degree you could say the way you move in life can produce misfortune or luckiness, if that makes any sense, well check out this article that analyzes Lucky People, HERE.

Host A Website In Seconds with CoralRift

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So you have a website your dying to put up, and you think its this entirely drawn out process that might take hours to complete, well think again, check out Coralrift which offers a awesome service for getting your Website up and running in no time, check the services homepage, HERE.

Learn basic Soldering From a Comic Book?

In a more appropriate context, Rulah Jungle Go...

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This might sound wacky but you can use the attached link to a comic book that teaches you how to Solder, pretty cool, I always wanted to learn this skill plus I like comic books, check the comic book, HERE.

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