Learning More than one skill/subject is a Good thing

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Although I am a Technology Major that studies Network, Data Security, and Database Technologies, while in school I also managed to do some Liberal Arts, Sciences other than Physics, managed to complete a year of Accounting and get certified by the IRS as a VITA agent, which allows me to deal with different subject matter, making me more well rounded, check out this article that talks about this issue in detail, HERE.

SD Maid cleans your Android’s SD Card of Junk

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If your not an expert on Android System files, and what needs to be on your SD card or not you don’t want to start deleting things you “THINK” might not be needed, instead have this handy application SD Maid do the work for you, check out the application, HERE.

Nobody Takes a Freelancer Serious If He isn’t Drawing Up Contracts

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Here is an interesting article to those of us that are self employed and want to know how they can make themselves appear more professional like a traditional walk in business, one way to achieve this is to give contracts when you do work for a client, they will take you a bit more serious after they have to sign something agreeing to your terms, check this article on more regarding this topic HERE.

Emergency Medicine Manuals for Free

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If your not in the medical field you sometimes might feel lost as what to do when XYZ happens, I know I am in that boat, but yet I can read, and understand concepts and well I have been living with this body all my life so maybe if i knew what to do I could fix myself, well thats where these PDF guides come into play, you might find them useful, check out one HERE and the other HERE.

How to defeat the Breakup Blues

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Everyone has to go through a break sometime and for some depending on the situation it can be a hard time, but there are ways to beat the break up blues, and for some of those solutions you need to check out this article, HERE.

Gmail: Makes sure you include a Sender, The Right Sender

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The great folks at Google labs added two new features to our favorite email Webapp Gmail, the first one is a check to make sure the email you wrote includes a sender address, and the second new feature makes sure that the sender you are sending to is bob from your job and not bob from high school, check more about these features in google official blog post, HERE.

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