Interested in the Newest Firefox code, Check out Aurora

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So I was one of those folks that used the “Mindfield” versions of Firefox when it was going thru the Beta stages of Firefox 4, but that sometimes can be unstable, so can nightly builds of the browser, but yet you might want to see what Mozilla has in store for Firefox, well thats where “Aurora” comes in a version of Firefox that is in between the Nightly and Beta versions of the program, Its a more stable version of the browser, check out more information, HERE.

Google’s URL Shortening Service Gets Better

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Apparently Google URL Shortening services has been tweaked a bit, making it more easier to copy the URL’s you create, and an improved dashboard interface, check out the official blog post, HERE.

FreePhone2Phone: Make a 10 Minute Free International Call

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This is an amazing service that is offered which allows you a 10 minute international phone call for free, the catch is you have to listen to a ad or two for about 20 seconds, hell even if it were 30 seconds, this is a great deal for those of us that want to make some international calls for free, check the services homepage, HERE.

Clean your Shoes with a Pencil Eraser!

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So your interested in cleaning those dirty old shoes, but have no clue what’s going to turn those crusty old things into something you can wear again, break out your pencil eraser, and go in, thats right, don’t believe me, check out this article for more proof, HERE.

Grab Something to Eat Before Decision Making

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I have heard that it isn’t good to work on an empty stomach but this linked article goes further claiming that we think differently when we are hungry versus when we are working with a full stomach, check the article out HERE.

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