Free DJ Software Mixx

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If your interested in getting your DJ on or just want a program you can use to mess around with that type of stuff, then check out the program Mixx, HERE.

Understanding Self Control

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So you want to exercise more control over yourself at times, you feel like you are an animal of instinct instead of a being of thought, well check that by reading the following article and understanding your inner beast better, HERE.

A Federal Tax Receipt


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So this year for all those that don’t know the Federal Gov has created a Website we can all go to that will show us how are Federal tax dollars are being spent, pretty cool idea, check out the site, HERE.

Root Friendly Android Devices

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So your interested in getting yourself an Android device but it is because you love the wonders of Rooting and what it can offer you, so check out this list of Android devices that are easy to root HERE.

Need to Fix your Tax returns use a 1040X Form

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I recently did some tax returns where I had to make some changes based on information I received after already filing my tax returns, so the solution is, file a 1040X form which amends your tax return, check more information about the form HERE.

Smartphone Manners!

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So check out this article by the NYTimes that talks about Smartphone manners, which in some cases probably should be read by some folks out there that just don’t know how to act now that they have a smartphone, check the article out HERE.

Tongue Burnt? You Need some Sugar!

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This is a trick to use when your tongue is burnt from eating hot food that you couldn’t wait to cool, just grab some sugar toss on your tongue and relax for a few while your tongue cools out, need more proof, check this article out HERE.

How to best avoid getting wet in the rain?

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Everyone thinks they have got some trick, maybe run, or walk slower, or not go out, or something else, but this video talks about the physics of rain drops and the way to best avoid them, check the video out HERE.

A Little Uncertainly in a Project is Okay?

Monitoring and Control project activities

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This is totally against what I have been taught in Project Management but according to the linked article you can actually have more project success if you don’t get too specific with the tasks that are part of the project leaving some flexibly, check this article out for more information on this perspective, HERE.

Priceline Auction Tips

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So your hitting up the auctions on Priceline or perhaps another auctioning website and need help figuring out how to get the best deals on there, well check out this article that might be able to give you a few useful tips, HERE.

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