Secure your Facebook Account with New Feature

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This is a pretty neat feature to enable if you feel someone might attempt to log into your Facebook account from another computer, it seems like Facebook has become a little bit more secure lately with a revamped security settings page, HTTPS, and now this feature, for more details on enabling this new security feature, check this post HERE.

Corral those Cords with Dock Cleats!


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So your got cords flying all over the place and you need some order in your work space, or home or whatever the case may be, check out this pretty neat idea about using a Dock Cleat to keep long cables in order, check the article out HERE.

ProtectYourVision For your computer!

A black Acer Computer monitor.

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This is a neat program I came across that will shut down your screen at a predetermined time so that you eyes can get a time out from the computer screen which can be unfriendly to your eyes, check out the homepage of ProtectYourVision HERE.

DIY Mail Sorting System For your Home

Correio (Postman).

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So mail can sometimes become annoying, and lay all over the place, least in my house I know i leave mail all over the place If it doesn’t require my attention ASAP, so check out this Mail sorting system you can setup in your house to make things more tidy, check the article out HERE.

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