Find a persons business Email address!

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Check out this great web service that will check for a persons name at a known business domain, lets say someone that works for coca cola for example, you know that lets say john baxtor works for them, you can use this service to find out his coca cola email address, check the service out HERE.

Send Secrets over the Internet Securely


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So your going to be sending a password over the internet but you don’t feel comfortable using email, IM‘s or other means to send the communication, so why not check out this service that offers you the ability to send a message, then once it has been seen, it will be destroyed, sounds pretty cool, check the service out HERE.

Replace AA batteries with Cell Phone Rechargable Batteries?

Typical dimensions of AA battery.

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Check out this pretty good DIY hack where you take your favorite device, hack it around if it is possible to instead of using AA batteries you replace every few days with a cell phone battery that has to be recharged everyday, check out the article on how to do this yourself, HERE.

How .99, .74, .95 and other Prices Play with your Mind

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These .99 cent stores, or items that are .74 cents always seem like a deal but thats because of the price, in fact sometimes it may appear to someone that yeah I just got a deal cause of the .74 price but is it really a deal or a way for stores to get into your head and make a purchase based on the idea your getting some type of bargain, check out this article for more on the issue, HERE.

Find an Alternative Fuel station with Google Maps can help!

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Check out this pretty cool service where you can pretty much find any type of re-fueling you need, EV and a few others are also listed, pretty cool if your in the United States and need to find a station to juice up your hybrid car, check the service out HERE.

How can I become a CEO?

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So your on a quest to become the top of the top in your company and to do that means your trying to climb the latter to CEO, but what does it really take to get there? Well check out this article that has a few times on the type of person you need to mold yourself into the even have a shot, check the article out HERE.

How to Prepare for Losing a Job

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It is sad to know that you will be leaving a job, especially If you enjoyed your position and worked hard and for whatever reason you are being let go which just bits, well check out this great article about preparing for that loss, HERE.

Air Passenger Rights!

FedEx MD-11 N525FE during flight test of the N...

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So your about to board a plane headed for who knows where, but you wanted to know what your rights are while on the plane because your one of those people that pushes things to the limit, or perhaps you just want to know how you should be expected to behave and what not, well check out a new bill of passenger rights put out by USA DOT, HERE.

The Perfect Job!

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This is something I think we are all looking for at some point in Life, it is just a matter of getting there and finding the position I guess, I don’t know if their is a perfect job, but this article talks about the issue, HERE.

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