Doing What you Love might Not be the way!

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You always hear people say, when you seeking employment you should look for something that you love to do but that isn’t always the best advice believe it or not, check out this article that talks about why this approach to employment might not suit you well, HERE.

The Downside to Cheaper Android Phones

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Your all set to get a Android phone the next time you upgrade your mobile device but there is a problem called budget, which forces you to look at certain models which might be new but cheaper hardware, check out this article that talks about this situation and some alternatives to purchasing a cheaper android device, HERE.

Washing small items in a Dishwasher

Dishwasher, open and loaded with dishes

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You have some little spoons or what have you that needs to be washed and your a dishwasher person, how do you keep all these little small items in place, well check out this article that has a very good tip on how to wash these little small items in a dishwasher, HERE.

Airline Passengers Getting Bumped Off Flights get Paid!

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I think this was way over due, but if you pay for a flight and when you get there the Airline carrier tells you that your seat has been taken or there is no space for you on a flight they should have to do a total refund same as if I booked a flight and didn’t show up to the seat, maybe my logic is too much for the people, but check out this article about the change in Airline policy in regards to people being bumped from flights, HERE.

Making French Press Coffee

imperfect french press cozy

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If your into coffee, then you might want to check this article out regarding how to make a near perfect batch of French Press Coffee, check the article out HERE.

Small Rewards Count!

A Rewards for Justice bounty post

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So we are all familiar with the idea of rewards and punishments, but sometimes that rewards part is vague, is a rewards some monster prize or do you get it in small portions, well check out this article that talks about the effectiveness of using small rewards, HERE.

Change That Stock White PVC cable color!

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Every device that has a PVC cable that plugs into a wall is either black or white, which depending on the person can be just annoying, because you like colors and you can’t stand to have anything looking stock in your house because you are unique, well check out this DIY project where you can change the color of White PVC cable to another color, check the article out HERE.

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