Use Cash to get out of Debt

Financial Services Roundtable Protest 01

Image by SEIU International via Flickr

This might sound wild, but one way to get out of debt is to use cash for everything, but you may ask how does this get me out of debt simple, if you have to pay for everything in cash, then you will avoid credit which might be one of the major ways you’ve gotten yourself into debt in the first place, check this article out for more details on the topic, HERE.

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4 Responses to Use Cash to get out of Debt

  1. Thanks. Enchanting article! Hope to get more info on this from you. Such a cool article. Thank you for the time you put into this. You’re a pretty good writer & vulgarizer.

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  3. Harry Poplin says:

    i just saw your comment this is really important to me

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