Wake-On-LAN Android Application

Android robot logo.

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Check out this pretty useful application that will wake your PC’s at a location VIA connecting to a specific WiFi network, instead of having to turn your PC’s on manually have your Android device do it for you, check out the applications homepage HERE.

DIY Vertical Garden From Wood Pallet

Garden in Jejudo

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This is a pretty cool DIY project you can do yourself, all you need is a Wood Pallet used in supermarkets or other wholesale vendors to store skids of goods on, some time, a green thumb, and read over this article here for details on the project HERE.

How to use Salt & Seasoning In your Food

Himalayan Salt Lamp

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I love salt, although i should slow down with it I never end up find the breaks, but seasoning and salt on food can make or break the meal so understanding how to properly apply these ingredients is important, check out this article that has some tips using these two items with your food, HERE.

Do you need a Greeting in a Email?

Email Icon

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Check out this article that talks about weather or not you need greetings and salutations in a email. I usually tend to put salutations as opposed to greetings but then again I never really knew if that was okay or not, well check out this article to find out more about the issue and the what you will do with your next email, HERE.

Using Lettuce in a Burger Properly

Romaine lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. longifolia).

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Now this might seem far out, but did you know that placing lettuce in a burger can be actually a useful thing to do asides from just something extra to add to the burger, check out this post on how to use lettuce in your next burger to step it up a notch, HERE.

Video Chat with Google Talk on Gingerbread

Google Talk

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So your running Gingerbread on your device, and sometimes you wonder why even bother, well this is why, check out Google’s official blog post on a new feature added to Google Talk, which now supports Video Chat, check out more HERE.

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