To Automate your Finances or Not

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Some bills and other Finances can be automatically managed because of the nature of the transaction, but some transaction would be better managed if you did to process yourself, check out this article that talks about when you should and shouldn’t automate your finances HERE.

Improve your Camera flash with Toothpaste

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Check out this wacky DIY project where you use some Toothpaste to increase the brightness of your flash, for the details on how this process works, check out this article, HERE.

Dealing with Change

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Most people don’t care for major changes in their life and so when they happen people tend to get on edge and worried, but perhaps its the idea of what change means to you that causes you all this grief, check out this article with a different perspective on this issue, HERE.

How to buy a Bike

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Your on a mission to lose weight and you figure you always wanted to do the Bike riding thing so sure enough your going to be purchasing a new Bike, well maybe you don’t know too much about the topic, get a crash course on what you need to look out for on your next Bike purchase, HERE.

Don’t put all your Eggs in one Basket

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You have heard this old saying, but it is very true that if you invest all your efforts into a single goal you might be setting yourself up for failure, check out this article that dives more into the issue HERE.

What does “Low Fat” mean

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You see labels on food like “Low Fat” and other such labels, but what do they mean if anything, there must be some type of standard that qualifies food to get these labels, well there is, check out this site for more information on the topic, HERE.

Get some Social Advice when planning your next Vacation

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You always want to hear the input of your Facebook buddies when your doing something major, so maybe this cool web service will work for you, the service offers to show all your friends where you plan to vacation at, so that they may provide feedback, check out the service HERE.

How to BBQ Sausages

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Here is a pretty good article on some tips on preparing and BBQ‘ing some sausages the next time you fire up the grill, let me know how it goes considering I haven’t had a sausage in ages, least I know the readers of this post benefited, from this article HERE.

Perfecting the Ice used in your Cocktails Matters

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Believe it or not the size of the Ice you use in your cocktail effects the way the drink will feel, sounds crazy, check out this article that talks about the issue and gives a solution to the problem too, HERE.

Get your Rotary Phone VOIP Ready

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You have an old Rotary phone that just doesn’t seem to fit into today’s technology, but perhaps if your ready for a DIY project to make the adjustments needed to make the Rotary phone ready for this Digital age you won’t have to throw it out, check out this article for the guide you need to move that Rotary phone into the future, HERE.

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