CPU clock speed and Performance

A typical RuBee radio tag, about 1 x 1 by 0.07...

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So you always here about CPU clock speed and that should reflect performance, but the truth is that really isn’t the case all the time, check out this article that attempts to explain why this is always mentioned and why it might not really matter when comparing machines, check the article out HERE.

Improve your YouTube Searches

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

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Your on YouTube all the time and searching for various videos, but sometimes you just get the most silliest search results, check out this article that has some tips on how to improve your next YouTube search HERE.

How to Destroy a Hard Drive

Diagram of a computer hard disk drive

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Your done with your current hard drive but you can not let anyone else gain access to your data, because you have your privacy to worry about, secrets, etc, well check out this article on how to physically destroy your hard drive, HERE.

Pass phrases Trump Random Character Passwords

Art mixed media Pen and Pencil, Drawing

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So your into using these strings of random characters that you couldn’t remember to save your life, but probably nobody will guess them, but perhaps using pass phrases are more secure and easier to remember, check out this article on the debate HERE.

Photography Background DIY

DIY projektor by Trinom

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Check out this DIY project for creating a cool background for your photo’s, If your into making unique images to post on your site or just for yourself and need a background this might be for you, check out the details on this project HERE.

Find your lost Camera using StolenCameraFinder

Camera Tripod

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So you lost your camera recently or worse yet it was stolen, check out this pretty cool webapp that might be able to recover your camera based on the photo’s its taken, sounds wild, well check out the homepage of the service for more details HERE.

Create a Stash spot At home

An electric arc provides an energetic demonstr...

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You ever seen those electrical junction boxes in your house, I bet you didn’t know that they could do more for you than house electricity, check out this DIY project for turning one of those boxes into a stash, HERE.

Rental Resume makes Renting Easier

Bank of British North America, Weston Road, NE...

Image by Toronto Public Library Special Collections via Flickr

This might not have dawned on you, but having a Rental resume or history of your rental past can help you get a new place. Landlords might not be as iffy about you if they know that you have a good rental track record, check out this article for more details on the topic, HERE.

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