First Impressions can be Accurate

Arctic Tern

Image by metamorphite via Flickr

You are always told to go with your gut, so when you think about it First Impressions count a lot towards we approach a given situation, and how sense of reality towards it, seems deep, well check out this article if your willing to go a little deeper into the topic, HERE.

Conserve Battery Life on Jailbroken iDevice

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Your on your Jailbroken iPhone or Ipad but you notice that the battery life really bites, you sometimes question if Jailbreaking was the right thing to do, but you need to check out this application that will give you back some of that lost Battery Life, HERE.

Make your own Vertical Garden Magnet?

Coomers Timber Centre. DIY Store adjacent to S...

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This sounds nuts, a lot going on here with this DIY project but the best ones always do have a lot going on and this project is the same with a vertical garden in a magnet that will be on a fridge door or some other surface, sounds far out, check out this article for the details on the project HERE.

Eggs Fresh from the Mug?

English american breakfast

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You want to do something different for Breakfast so why not cook that Egg in a mug to change things up, sounds crazy but check out this article that has a guide to Cooking eggs in a Mug, HERE.

Jolly Rancher Flavored Vodka!

Jolly Rancher lip balm

Image by Valeri-DBF via Flickr

I don’t drink but when I do I usually like to have a Vodka, I find they seem the least damaging the next day on my body, and If your going to drink you might as well drink in style, check out this article that talks about a way you can flavor your next serving of Vodka with a Jolly Rancher Twist, HERE.

Improve Your Craigslist Experience

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Check out this new way to use Craigslist which is actually better than the site itself, It is basically Craigslist data in a format that they should have provided in the first place, check out this amazing resource HERE.

Tethering App that Hides Tethering to Service Provider

Windows Mobile Device Center

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This is a pretty neat application that I came across that will allow you to Tether your Mobile Device, without your Service provider knowing which might keep your monthly bill down, I think its bad enough they monitor everything now charge extra too, beat the man, with this application HERE.

Guide to Living in a New City


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Your going to have to move soon because you just got a job in another city but you are worried about the transition from where you call home now to a new city, where you have no social ties and have to start your social network up again, well check out this guide to moving to a new city, HERE.

Managing Internet Data Caps

Graph of internet users per 100 inhabitants be...

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It really bites that you might have an ISP that is placing Internet Data Caps on your usage but if they are maybe this article can help you manage your connection better to still get the most out of your dollar, check the article out HERE.

Where to live to avoid Natural Disasters in US

Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near i...

Image via Wikipedia

This is a pretty useful article by the New York Times regarding places in the United States where you can be least likely or mostly to experience a Natural Disaster, which might be a useful piece of information when purchasing a new house or property, check the article out HERE.

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