Guide to Living in a New City


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Your going to have to move soon because you just got a job in another city but you are worried about the transition from where you call home now to a new city, where you have no social ties and have to start your social network up again, well check out this guide to moving to a new city, HERE.

Managing Internet Data Caps

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It really bites that you might have an ISP that is placing Internet Data Caps on your usage but if they are maybe this article can help you manage your connection better to still get the most out of your dollar, check the article out HERE.

Where to live to avoid Natural Disasters in US

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This is a pretty useful article by the New York Times regarding places in the United States where you can be least likely or mostly to experience a Natural Disaster, which might be a useful piece of information when purchasing a new house or property, check the article out HERE.

Tips for having a great Flight

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Your about to take a flight maybe heading for a vacation or just a short business trip but never the less you should make it enjoyable, even if you have to step on a toe or two to get that treatment fit for a king, check out this article that has some tips on how to achieve that perfect flight experience, HERE.

Wii Deals To Come May 2011

A Nintendo "Wii" Video Game console.

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I have been wanting to get a Nintendo Wii for some time but now I think I might actually take the dive, the system it self will be on sale for $149USD and some select games like Zelda & Mario will be on sale for $20USD, check out this site for more details on the sales HERE.

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