How to Detect and Expose Misinformation

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We are bombard by tons of Misinformation in one shape or another everyday but how do we weed them out, how do we even deal with it after we figure out what is going on, check out this article that has some ways to find and expose misinformation, HERE.

How to Hire the Right person for the Job!

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This is a pretty good article about how to hire someone for the job that really meet your needs, check out the article HERE.

Make Side Cash with your iPhone

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Check out this pretty cool applications you can use in some select cities in the United States to make some extra cash while using your iPhone, sounds pretty neat, check out the details about the process HERE.

Gain Self-Respect by Not Caring what others Think!


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This might sound odd, and if taken out of context might even be a bad thing but not caring what others think of you and being restricted by this might actually help you gain some Self respect, check this article for more details on the topic HERE.

Don’t let a Latte cost you your Goods!

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Your in the coffee shop and you want to grab another cup of coffee, but same time you walk away to grab it, someone just placed a take out order with your laptop check out this article that might give you some tips on how to avoid this problem HERE.

Great Part time Jobs

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Ever wonder what is the best type of Part-Time employment to get, maybe working a fast food place, probably not, but check out this little list of 5 pretty decent part time jobs, HERE.

The Mental Cost of Doing Things

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What does it cost you to be in a relationship, or do homework or for that matter get up and read this post for that matter, perhaps there is some type of cognitive cost associated with all our action, if so we need to figure out what this is so we can better manage our lives, check out this article that talks about breaking down the costs HERE.

The Difference Between Good & Bad Advice

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It’s hard to tell what the difference between Good & Bad Advice is, maybe it is advice that you can’t relate to, or perhaps its advice that you know the person speaking hasn’t lived up to themselves, its a hard thing to figure out sometimes, but this article attempts to make the distinction between Good and Bad advice, HERE.

Install Android Off Market-app without Rooting your device

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There is this killer application you must have but the thing is that its a off market application, and you usually need to root your device in order to get these types of applications installed, but now you don’t check out this application that can do it for you HERE.

Protect your Privacy while Downloading BitTorrents

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You hate the fact that BitTorrents your favorite means to share files is always monitored by a bunch of creeps wanting to know what you do and when you do it, check out this blocklist website, HERE.

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