Laundry Calculator

Vendacoder machine

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Ever wondered how much it really cost you to wash clothes each wash, or maybe on the year how much you spend, well check out this great web resource that will help you make your calculations, HERE.

DIY:Cake stand from old China?

Longquan celadons produced in Longquan, Zhejia...

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You have some old China that doesn’t really fit well into your current dish set, so you need to find something to do with this old china, check out this article with a nice DIY project for turning that old china into a cake stand, HERE.

How to Answer the Where you will be in X years Question!

Historian of science Daniel J. Kevles, at the ...

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People have a habit of only thinking about tomorrow maybe next week, and if i Have time I might think about next month, get real people you need to have a 5 year plan at the very least, check out this article that talks about how you should describe the next 5 years of your life, HERE.

Improving Muscle Memory

Collage of several of Gray's muscle pictures, ...

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We always think about memory and the brain but what about the memory our muscles have, how they remember to do certain activities or certain positions or techniques, if you want to learn more about muscle memory check out these articles HERE, HERE, & HERE.

Have your Android Device Call You When Stolen


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Check out this pretty good tip on how to setup a system where you will be able to send a message to your phone VIA SMS and your phone will place a phone call to a preset number, check out how to do this HERE.

Some ways to bring Joy on Mother’s Day


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Your fresh out of ideas to make your Mother as happy as can be on Mother’s Day and need some advice, well check out this article with 20 ways to please the Mother’s in your life, HERE.

Make Eggs the right way, perfection!

European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris), typical ...

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You like your eggs a certain way, can’t stand when it is looking crazy, or leaky or any other way, well check out this article about cooking eggs the Perfect way, check the article out HERE.

Alternative Windows Program Launcher

Ubuntu 7.10 w/mac4lin theme

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Hate Explorer.exe and wish you could have a Launcher that was more cool like the Mac OS, or even in Ubuntu, well maybe its time you check out this launcher program for windows, HERE.

Fix Bent CPU Pins


Image by walknboston via Flickr

Bent CPU pins can be an expensive problem, but lucky there is a easy fix to your bent pin Woes, check out this article that shows you a technique to fixing those bent pins and putting that CPU back to work, HERE.

DIY:Turn your Old LP’s into Clocks

Vinyl record.

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This is a great DIY project for taking an old LP you have no use for and turning into something you could use a clock, check out the in’s and out’s of the project HERE.

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