Take Notes In The Shower with AquaNotes

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You do your best thinking when your in the shower, well that means you’ll need a means to jot those ideas down for later use, but while in the shower it usually is hard to write, unless your using AquaNotes.

DIY: Rain Day Shoe Rack

Unqualified DIY Painter

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Lately I have had a few post regarding the things you can do with a Wooden Pallet and today I have yet another use for this wonderful item, you can use it to design a Shoe Rack that useful when its raining out, sounds wild, check out this article for details on the DIY project HERE.

Alternative For Cleaning Your Toilet

Toilet bowl

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So you usually get cleaning product that is specifically designed to clean out the toilet bowl, but today your ran out, or worse yet you ran out of cash, check out this great and relatively cheap alternative, HERE.

Test your Passwords Strengh

Stargate used hieroglyphs for passwords.

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You have taken the time to come up with some pretty neat passwords that nobody should be able to guess, but is that really true? Check out this article that might be able to strengthen your password or verify that it is strong, HERE.

Create Flash Cards accessible from the Web or iOS/Android

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Check out this great web resource for creating Flash cards for studying, better yet you can log into any computer and access your Flash cards or even access them from your iOS / Android device, check out the service StudyBlue HERE.

Customize your Apartment without the Landlord Getting Mad

Current status of the former landlord of Olszo...

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You hate the way your place looks and have some great ideas on how to make it really slick and unique but you don’t want to landlord to freak out when he see’s how you have changed the place, check out this great article regarding how to make those customization without the landlord going crazy, HERE.

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