Avoiding Stitches


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Your a runner that loves to do their thing but you from time to time have a stitch in your side that sidelines you for a few minutes, check out this article that has some common cures and ways to avoid stitches in your run HERE.

Restore your Headlights

GTI MkV Headlamp Washer

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Restoring your headlights can be a costly job on your pockets, maybe you can make the job cheaper by taking on the project yourself, check out this pretty cool DIY for restoring your headlights, HERE.

Schedule Meetings Around The World in Sync

Pierce College Library(LACCD).Pierce College L...

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Your scheduling a meeting with groups of people from all over the planet and need some help with the properly scheduling in terms of time and availability, check out this web resource that might make your life a bit easier HERE.

Find the Best Diet For You

The Diet is Japan's national legislature, resp...

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Your getting on a Diet because your feeling a bit over weight not a problem, but finding the right Diet for you can be a real problem at times, check out this article that might be able to figure it out for you HERE.

Altoid Garden

Focus, Tower Park, Poole, Dorset. Focus DIY an...

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Your into a garden, love to have one at work, but it has to be something that you can fit onto your desk, well this DIY project is for you, create your own mini Altoid Garden using this article as a guide HERE.

Productivity Schedule for Each Day

A black insect on a violet flower.

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You want to get the most out of life, and although you know it involves planning you might not know that managing things sometimes on a micro-level is a good thing, like treating each day of the week as its own beast, check out this article about the topic HERE.

Improve your sleeping Position

Sleep On Computer

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Your always waking up like you haven’t gotten enough rest, or your body is sore from the night rest, well maybe it has to do with the position you sleep in, check out this article that talks about sleeping positions, HERE.

Live good with your Co-workers is good for you

Cutout Attempt to help Big Al Davies

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You might find it hard at times but living good with your Co-Workers can actually help you yourself be happier leading to a longer healthier life, check out this article that talks about the topic, HERE.

Learn to use a DSLR camera without one

Nikon D700 camera

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Check out this pretty cool simulator that will allow you to see how a DSLR Camera works before you dive into your pockets to get one, check out the application HERE.

Find Safe Parking Lots

A composed satellite photograph of North Ameri...

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Your looking for somewhere to park your car safely while in a trip or vacation, check out this great web resource HERE.


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