Stop being Late

Can't Stay Away

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Are you always running late to whatever it is that you do, and wish you could figure out some way to be able to get to where you should be at the time you should be there, check out this article with some tips that may help you stay on time, HERE.

Unlock your computer with a USB Drive

An old drive-in movie theater in California

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You seen those movies where you have to insert your drive before you get access to the computer console, well you want to do something like that at your house, check out this program that will offer this type of functionality to your computer, HERE.

Avoid Hidden Fees with a New Car Purchase

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Your ready to buy your first new car, but you heard the price and are wondering what the hell is going on, well check out this article that talks about the hidden fees of buying a new car, HERE.

Find Tutorials with Tildee

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Your in need of a tutorial but not sure exactly where to turn, well check out this great web resource for your Tutorial needs HERE.

8 Hours of sleep is what you need

Hours After

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Check out this article that discusses about why 7 hours of sleep is not enough and in fact you should grab at least 8 hours, although you can operate on less the effects can be annoying, check out this article for more on the subject HERE.

How to Move Heavy things with Foil Paper?

Found this inside a customer's bag. Aluminium ...

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Your need to move your dresser or something else in your house but its way to heavy to just lift up and move, well check out this pretty cool trick you can use to move it with Aluminum foil, HERE.

New experience can change the way your Perceive Time


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Check out this pretty neat article that talks about why new experience are healthy and they can change the way we see time, sounds interesting, check the article out HERE.

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