Weigh your Coin Jar, Don’t Count it

Coins featuring eagles.

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You ever have a Coin Jar filled with coins but have no idea how much it is and need to know because its time to cash it in, well check out this pretty cool web resource that will estimate the amount of coins in the jar by weight, check the site out HERE and US coin weights HERE.

Stay Productive even when your Burnt Out

Institute of Mental Health 7, Nov 06

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You just put yourself into Overdrive and did a insane amount of work and trying to figure some way to still be productive, well check out this article that has some tips for you HERE.

Flying Versus Driving

Pierce College Library(LACCD).Pierce College L...

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Your about to take a trip but not sure if it would work out cheaper if you Drove there or if you just took a flight, well check out this great web resource that might help you make the calculation HERE.

Rating camera’s based on Sensor Size not Megapixels

Mecaflex SLR, circa 1953-1958 http://www.kilfi...

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Your are looking to purchase a new camera and not sure as to what camera to get should it be 10MPs or do you need 12MP or perhaps thats not even the feature you need to be focused on, check out this article that might make your choice a little bit easier HERE.

Improve your memory as you Sleep

Main health effects of sleep deprivation (See ...

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You always wanted to figure out how to do something useful like learning or remembering better as you sleep, well this article is for you HERE.

Build your own Furniture

TAMA Custom Designs displaying kitchens at the...

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You like things your way, and love it better when you had a hand in things you use day to day, and what better way to get a feeling of accomplishment, than to make your own Furniture, check out this article that has the basics for you HERE.

Upside Down Bucket Garden

DIY Level Crossing ! This level crossing allow...

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Check out this pretty neat upside down garden you can construct with some buckets, some time, and a green thumb, check out this article for details on the DIY project HERE.

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