Contradicting yourself Isn’t that bad


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You might think that you should never Contradict yourself but dealing in absolutes is also a terrible way to live your life so, sometimes you may be wrong and have to back track, check out this article that suggests the same thing HERE.

Keyboard Cleaning 101

IBM AT Keyboard

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Your Keyboard is looking really dirty these days and your not really into buying a new one when this one works fine, just looks nasty, well check out this article that has some great tips on how to restore that keyboard back to a decent looking shape, HERE.

Create your own Book Safe

A hollowed out book, with bottle caps for scale.

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You seen those movies that have a book on a bookshelf really double as a secret stash of sorts, wouldn’t it be cool to create one of your own? Well check out this video that will give you the skills you need to create your own book safe, HERE.

Stop Stress At its Root

Australian Army Band Kapooka preforming at Str...

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When you feel your about to be hit with a brick of stress, relax take it easy and just go with the flow, instead of getting stuck on the stress making it more of a chronic problem, check out this article that talks about the issue along this line of thinking HERE.

Purchasing your Airline Tickets Early, You might get a little Refund

Airline Tickets

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If you purchased your Airline ticket in advance to a trip, and when your traveling the price of the ticket actually went down, then you should get a refund, and that seems like a fair policy, check out this article for more details on how this works HERE.

Hero Training, Leads to Heroic Action?

Cover art for the game Universal Hero

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You always wanted to do good for the world and so your on your quest to become a Hero, well you’ll need to Train first and this article might be just want your looking for HERE.

Testing your Gut instincts

Fly Fishing - Landing the Bass from Book of th...

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Your a person that will make a decision on the fly, by your gut intuition but sometimes thats not always the best means to resolve a problem, or maybe it is, that all depends on your Gut instincts and what it natural drives you to do in situation, check out this article that dives into this issue more HERE.

DIY:Laptop Backpack

Voltaic Systems Backpack

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You have a Laptop bag, but it just isn’t all that comfortable so you rather it be a backpack style, well if your ready to do a little work perhaps you can check out this article for the guide you need HERE.

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