Where can I go with X Minutes, Use Mapnificient to Find out


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Your at work and you want to find out where you can grab a bit to eat with 15 minutes, Well Mapnificient will help you by figuring out where you can go in 15 minutes from your current location, check the service out HERE.

Tips on Lowering your Monthly Bill


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Check out some tips from the good folks at Lifehacker that can help you Lower your Monthly bills by making some changes in your lifestyle, check the article out HERE.

Deathbed Regrets, How to avoid these Pitfalls

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Check out this pretty cool article that has the 10 most mentioned deathbed regrets, which hopefully might help you avoid these regrets and help starts a new 10 ten, or not, check the article out HERE.

Ripen your Produce with an Apple

Fruit- and vegetable-shaped marzipan.

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This is a crazy little tip I ran across and had to share it because it just amazing, but you can Ripen a banana or other produce just by using an apple, check this article out with the details to the process HERE.

Avoid Restaurant Tricks for Lower Bill

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Check out this pretty cool article that lays out some tips for how to save when you eat out at the Restaurant by avoiding the traps they set for you to spend money, check the article out HERE.

You can’t get what you don’t Ask for


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Check out this article on a simple concept, you can’t expect to get something you did not ask for or request, which is very true, check this article out with more details on this philosophy HERE.

Futureproofing PC Myths

IBM Portable Personal Computer :: Retrocomputi...

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Some people believe it is possible to purchase a new PC with the idea that the technology on it will be good into the foreseeable future, which is a very brave idea at best, check out this video that highlights some of the myths of this concept of futureproofing HERE.

Beyond the Mold you see

Go away for three days and come back to find t...

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When you see a piece of mold growing on bread or something else, you might think Hey can’t I just cut that piece off and eat the rest, it looks good, but it’s not, check out this article that talks about why you shouldn’t eat molding food, HERE.

Lock your Hotel Rates Now for Later

OneRoomRate.com is a lodging solution that off...

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Check out this pretty cool web site that allows you to get your Hotel room rates now while being able to come back in 2 months when you really need to room and get the rates that you looked up today, sounds pretty cool, check out the services homepage HERE.

Companion Planting


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This is a technique where you plant plants that will compliment each other in some mutually benefiting way, sounds pretty good, check this article that has more details on this type of gardening HERE.

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