Testing New Twitter Follow Button

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This post will be testing out the new Twitter Follow button feature added to WordPress.com, So if you like what you see on My site please feel free to follow my twitter account.

Access Local News

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Perhaps your interested in the news in your old country but have no real way to find that website or even better you don’t even read your native language anymore, perhaps this great site will help you get in touch with Local news to the old country in your new language, HERE.

Best Time for Grocery Shopping

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You may not know that there is a time of the day or even a specific day in the week where shopping for Grocery may be cheaper in your area, check out this article for more on when this time might be for a Supermarket near you, HERE.

Dealing with a Scam on eBay

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Perhaps you have just been scammed on eBay by some loser that you thought was a honest seller, what should you do? Check out this article that has some steps you can take after you have been scammed on eBay, HERE.

Find and Replace text in Multiple Files in UNIX

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You need to change a few keywords in 4 different files and you don’t really want to do this file by file, then you might want to check out this article that has a neat tip for changing multiple files text, HERE.

Work Hard = Getting Lucky Theory?!?

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Check out this pretty interesting take on working hard and how it leads to one becoming more lucky, or perhaps enjoying the fruits of his hard work you decide, but check out the article HERE.

Improving your Running Form

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You are starting to run as an exercise or even know how to already but want to improve your posture, then you should check out this article that offers some useful tips on Running HERE.

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