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You need to find a piece of software that does X,Y,Z but you aren’t exactly sure where to start looking, well you should check out this pretty cool Web Service that offers to find that software for you, check out the services homepage HERE.

Turn a Coke Glass Bottle into a automated Plant Water

Jet-Fiat (Do it yourself )

This is a pretty cool DIY project for watering your plants, which involves Gravity, a Glass bottle of Coke (Or Pepsi if you drink that poison =) and some time, check out the details to the process HERE.

Keep your Number when using Google Voice

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Your about to make the move to porting your number to Google Voice, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could keep both your current phone number and your Google Voice number, Well you can do just that now for a $20 fee, check out the details to this great service, HERE.

New Credit Card Fee’s

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Because of the changes to the Credit Card industry there have been a bunch of new charges added to replace the fee’s that can no longer be charged to customers by credit card companies, check out some of these new fee’s HERE.

Become more productive by working on your “Good Hours”

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Everyone has a time of the day when they operate at optimum efficiency for whatever reason, perhaps your a morning bird or a late riser whatever the case, perhaps you are best served by doing your work at your best hours, check out this article that talks more about this outlook HERE.

Fix Cracks in the floor and Walls with Crayons

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Perhaps you have a few issues in your house like a cracked floor or wall but have no time or money to call a contractor for such a small thing, well maybe all you really need to do is bust out that crayon and get to work. Check out this article that has details on how to do this type of fix HERE.

Can’t Learn one way, try an alternative way to learning

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You just don’t get the way one book explains a topic, or perhaps one method of learning a subject seems too difficult perhaps all you need to do is try an alternative way of learning that skill, check out this article that talks about trying alternative methods of learning HERE.

Turn a Painful Experience into a Productive Goal

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Everyone at some point in life has an experience or two that is extremely painful and usually we are happy to get past times like that, but perhaps we can learn something from them, even change our life to obtain new goals based on these types of experiences, check out this article that talks about this issue deeper HERE.

Forget College or a Resume, work for free to get that Job

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You may think like I have for years that the only way to gain a professional job is to first go for your college education, then internship, create a great resume and you’ll eventually get a job, but perhaps offering your services for free to the right person can land you that job all the same, check out this video with more details on this subject HERE.

Private Social Networking

Semiotics of Social Networking

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You want to have a Social Networking site, but want it to be private, with a select group of people as part of this network without worrying about others finding out or seeing your profiles, then you might want to check out this great Webapp HERE.

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