Disputing a Mechanics Fee

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Your Mechanic has just charged you about $200 dollars more than you expected because your priced the job and your wondering whats going on for starters, and you want to dispute the fee, well just yelling might not work that well, check out this article for a better approach to this issue HERE.

Freezer Jam, Saving that Summer Sweetness

Making jam at home

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Your into making Jams and what is a better way to preserve that summer taste in the fall by making some Jam, sticking it into the freezer and using it in the Fall when your indoors and miss that summer fruit taste in your mouth, check out this article for more details on making this jam, HERE.

Try Listening to achieve more in your Office Environment

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Check out this interesting article that talks about increasing your Listening skills in order to excel at your Office jobs environment and your coworkers, check the article out HERE.

Get Android System Information and More

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Check out this really useful Android program I stumbled across that not only will provide you with a lot of system and software information about your device, but also has some cool widget features too, check out the program HERE.

A potential benefit of being bilingual or multilingual

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There a few reasons why being bilingual or multilingual is a beneficial, for employment purposes, for traveling, and now perhaps for Alzheimer? Check out this article that has a very interesting study on the link HERE


Add Tabs and more to Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer in Windows 7

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Check out this program that will add tabs and a few other cool features to Windows Explorer without replacing the program completely, check the programs homepage HERE.

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