Securely Delete Data on your Android Device

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You worry that if your Android Devices SD card or even Internal Memory is scanned that files you thought were gone are suddenly back, well check out this application that will take care of this for you, HERE.

Using Corn Starch for Stains and Spills

8line corn.

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Check out this cool way to use Corn Starch, not in your food but with a spill or some other mess, if your just not sure, check out this article that describes how you can use Corn Starch in your next cleanup effort, HERE.

Migrating from Coffee to Tea


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Check out this pretty neat guide to venturing into the world of Tea’s if you desire a more healthy drink in the morning instead of Coffee, check out this Lifehacker Guide HERE.

Exercise Your brain with This Application

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Instead of living on Facebook or some other type of waste of time, you might want to check out this application that can improve your memory and brain, check out the applications homepage HERE.


How to eat when your Broke

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Your going to be low on cash for awhile and you need to spend your money the best way possible when it comes to your food shopping, then you should give this article a glace at some ideas of what you need to shop for, HERE.

Send Contacts, Location, photos with this Android App

Android Market

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Your on a Phone call and you need to send someone a contact information or a photo, then you need to get this application for your Android Device, which makes it super easy for sending information while on a call, check the applications homepage HERE.

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