Grow by Changing

Brice Lalonde, French Ambassador for climate c...

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Although we hate change, and rather deal with a world where we know everything, if we don’t change we can’t grow as people, check out this article that talks about why ushering change is a natural process of growing, HERE.






How to jump from Rooftop to Rooftop (Safely)

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Before I go further please note, that this is something you shouldn’t try It is just information that might be useful at some point, but by no means should you just test this all out because of the article, but if you do want to know how to jump Safely from rooftop to rooftop check out this article HERE.

Research before making that Car Purchase

Brighton Open Market

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It might be very wise before you jump head first into a car purchase to do some research on the car, and the prices out on the open market, before locking into a purchase, you might thank yourself in the long run for saving at least money, perhaps even headaches, check out this article for more on this perspective HERE.

DIY: Projector Screen

Do It Yourself

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You have some free time on your hands and you will be having a Movie party soon, wouldn’t it be cool if you could have it in your backyard, well you can if you have a projector and under take this DIY project to build a Projector Screen, check out the in’s and out’s of the process HERE.

Get Fresh Coffee from CSA

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Check out this neat way to get Fresh Coffee from the farmers at your doorstep by joining the CSA, for more information on what this is all about check out this article HERE.

Get 1 Months salary for Nothing at a New Job

Institute of Mental Health at Buangkok, Singapore.

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You just got a new job and your excited, but did you know that you may be able to get one months pay from your employer before you even start working for them by asking them a simple question, for more information on this check out this article HERE.

Effectiveness always trumps Efficiency

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You figure your boss would like you to be more Efficient with your work load, but you might be wrong, before all else always make sure your work is Effective in regards to the function your work was suppose to perform is what I say, and so does this article HERE.

Preserve your Berries for Longer

Alaska wild "berries" from the Innok...

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You just got some Berries and about to stick them in the fridge for later, but your missing a important step if you want them to hold out for as long as possible, check out this article with a neat tip on how to achieve this, HERE.

How to give Constructive Criticism

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You may thing that your Criticism is always in a good nature, but its the delievry of Constructive Criticism that usually makes people uncomfortable with advice given, and feel like your talking down to them, check out this article on the proper way to give this Criticism HERE.

Using sleep to assist in Weight Loss

My Weight Loss Coach

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Check out this article that talks about how the right amount of sleep can aid in your Weight Loss fight, for more details on this topic, check out the article HERE.

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