Eliminate Low Interest Debt First

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You have a few debts you need to clear but you are unsure as to the order in which you should work off the debt, check out this article that takes the position that paying off Low Interest Debt is the way to go, HERE.

Create Motivation for yourself

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Sometimes you find it hard to finish a task because you have no reason to but to complete the task itself, but perhaps if you change the way you view the end of a project you might be better motivated to complete the project, check out this article that talks about ways you can do this for yourself, HERE.

Search Multiple Google Services at Once

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Check out this new service provided by Google that will allow you to search many of their services for content from one central location, which can be very useful when you think about the size of google services, check out the homepage of the new service, HERE.

Clean Paint and Grease with Cooking Spray?

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You have heard of many different usage for cooking spray usually associated with cooking, but check out this article that has a different way of using cooking spray, HERE.

Improve your team by Including more Woman and Diversity

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You might think the most powerful people are men, and that having a team of strong intelligent mean will lead to victory, but that might not be the case, having minds that think differently like woman, and others from different backgrounds can also improve your teams performance, check out this article that has more information on the topic, HERE.

What to do with a Crib once the kids are Grown up

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You got a crib you spent a pretty penny on, and now your child is all grown up and you either need to pass the crib on, sell it or find something to do with it, well check out this article that has a way to re-use that crib, HERE.

Buying in Bulk Doesn’t always Pay

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You figure when you see items in the store at a bulk that it most be a deal and you should buy the item, but you could actually be spending more than if you made the purchase another way, check out this article that has some advice on what not to buy in bulk, HERE.

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