Get Google Navigator working in unsupported Countries

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Your about to take a trip somewhere and you have always used Google Navigation on your Android Based Device to get around, but now you find yourself lost because your in a Unsupported country, well maybe you need to check out this Mod for Google Navigation that will get you back on track, check out the Mod’s details, HERE.


Free eBook Converter

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eBook‘s come in all types of file formats which at times can become annoying at best to deal with, well maybe all you need is this program for Windows that will convert many eBook formats to a standard format like PDF, check out the programs homepage, HERE.

Another Music Streaming Service, Cantio

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If you like to stream your music to where every you may be, or just use this type of service then you might want to check out this new Music Streaming service, Cantio which seems to be doing it bigger than the current service, check out the Web Services homepage, HERE.

How much Ice do you Need for your Cooler?

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You ever wonder how much Ice it would take to cover a 6 pack of Beer, or maybe a Cooler with various drinks in it, well maybe if we use some physics we can figure it out, check out this article that has a way to figure out how much ice you need, HERE.

Manager your Twitter Lists with this Web Service

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Are you a Twitter user that has tried to use the List feature but have given up because it can be overwhelming well perhaps this web service is just the thing you need to help you get your Twitter Lists in order, check out the services homepage, HERE.

DIY Bike Lock

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You got a shiny new Bicycle and you really rather hate it if you stopped at the store and came out and the Bike was gone, well maybe all you need to do is begin this DIY project for making a Bike Lock, for more details on the process check out this article HERE.

Get Your Ideas out


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Ideas lead to Ideas or brainstorming if your around other minds, and this can sometimes lead to great things that couldn’t be achieved by a single mind, check out this article that talks about sharing ideas and what it can lead to, HERE.

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