How to make Diagrams for Slides

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Your going to be giving a presentation and you know that you’ll need a few diagrams to go along with your talk to further explain your points, and people always like a little bit of visual aids when doing a presentation, probably is your not to sure on how to create a decent Diagram, well check out this article that might change this, HERE.

Become a Mobile Mini Food Critic

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Your always on the hunt for restaurants to dine at, but you hate running into a place that will leave you with nothing but bad memories and an upset stomach, well check out this mobile applications that will allow you to see reviews of restaurants near you as well as allow you to give your two cents about your experience, check out more information about this app / web service, HERE.


Tips for Training your Dog

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You just got a new puppy and you want some ideas on how to teach him how to do certain things, but your not that sure how to teach him, well check out this article that has some ideas you can use when your trying to teach your Dog something, HERE.

Share your Android Apps with Friends

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You probably been in a situation where a friend of yours ask to see your Android device and wishes that they had the same application as you have on your device, well maybe you can solve this issue but installing a program on your Android device that will send your apps to your friends, check out the app homepage, HERE.

Stain Removal Guide

Dont Panic

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Your about to do some laundry and you just found the most nastiest stain on your favorite shirt and your now in a panic as to what to do, well maybe all you need to do is check out this guide to removing various stains, HERE.

Get rid of Rust from your CookWare

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You have a Cookware piece that you love, but it has some rust building up on it and your wondering how can you get rid of it, well check out this article that has a DIY project that involves your rusty cookware and potato and time, check out the details of the method to cleaning your cookware with a potato, HERE.

Keep your Mac Running like a Champ

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You probably are wondering where are all the cool utilties you can find for windows that does stuff like clean out your system for junk files and give a general tune up of the OS, well check out this program that Mac users should check out that will hopefully keep your machine running smoothly, HERE.

How to go to sleep

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Going to sleep at night might be a issue, there times you just lay in the bed although you want to sleep you can’t and you have wondered if there was any way you could perhaps teach yourself to go to sleep, well perhaps you can, check out this article that has some tips on how to train yourself to go to sleep, HERE.

Access Restricted sites in the US & UK with this Tunnel

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Perhaps you are aware that there are a few domains out there in either the US or UK that are restricted by the govt, but perhaps your not into big brother telling you what you can and can’t do, and if so and you need to access one of these restricted web sites, check out this program that can get you there, HERE.

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