Reduce Stress with a Better Posture

Conference on Christians in The Holy Land, Lam...

Image by Catholic Church (England and Wales) via Flickr

Having a Better Posture can help you relieve or deal with stressful situation, for more about how Posture can affect or reduce stress, check out this article HERE.

Make your own Brass & Metal Polish

tradescantia upper surface 4x objective

Image by Yersinia via Flickr

You went through some of your things and found that you need to restore a few of your Metal and Brass items but your not interested in some expensive solution that you probably don’t need, then you might want to embark on this DIY project to make your own Brass & Metal Polish, HERE.

Sleep Knowing Your Android Device will Turn off the Music

Android robot logo.

Image via Wikipedia

Lets say your into listening to some tunes on your Android device before you call it a night, but you end up leaving the device playing till the battery dies and your upset in the morning when you realizes you have to fully charge your phone, what if there was a way to setup your device so that the music stopped after a certain time, well then you need to check out this Android application, HERE.

Share your Google+ posts on Twitter

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Your on Google+ and you like to be able to have your post hit Twitter as well but you are not sure how to achieve this, well check out this article that talks about a method to have your Google+ post also posted to Twitter, check out the details of the process, HERE.

Download all your Google Data with This App

Graphic which hints to Microsoft Windows

Image via Wikipedia

Perhaps you just don’t like all your data at Google servers and rather you have a copy for yourself, and your not interested in using Google Takeout for exporting your data, then you might want to check out this Windows program that can download the data for you, HERE.

Learn how to Invest with this Web Service

Web services: Build or Buy Panel

Image by jeffwilcox via Flickr

The best way to learn something is through practice and what better way to learn how to invest money than the practice with fake money, check out this great web service that will help you learn to invest by having you manage some fake money first, check out more details on the process, HERE.

How to find Google+ Hangouts

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Your on Google+ finally and your trying to find ways to get the most out of the service, and you stumbled across Hangouts and want to try it out, but you don’t have enjoy people on the network to really try this feature out, well find hangouts on Google+, using this great web service, HERE.

Relieve Bee Stings with Tobacco

Stinger of a honey bee 2 minutes after a bee sting

Image via Wikipedia

Your all about getting outside with nature during the summer but you fear getting stung but a bee worse yet what do you do when this happens? Well check out this remedy to a bee sting that involves using Tobacco, check out the details of the process, HERE.

Finding the fastest Line in a Supermarket

Supermarket check out, London January 2005 Aut...

Image via Wikipedia

You always end up hating your trip to the supermarket because you end up waiting a million years to checkout, well maybe you could find that magical way to get through the checkout with a breeze, well maybe you need to check out this article that will help you find the magic line at the supermarket, HERE.

Make your own 3D Scanner

Principle of a laser triangulation sensor. The...

Image via Wikipedia

Having a Scanner used to be a big deal, now at days it common place to have one in a office or even in a home environment but what about a 3D scanner, that’s still not so common, better yet it feel cooler if you made it yourself, check out this article that details the process of making a 3D scanner, HERE.

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