Eliminate Excuses by modifying those Excuses

Excuses messin cover

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What if you could get rid of the excuses that held you back in life and found a way to move forward, even though you really didn’t over come all of those perceived excuses or obstacles in your way, check out this article that has some incite on how you may be able to use the technique to improve your life, HERE.

Bring Progress Bars back to Firefox Tabs

Screen Shot of Danaco Web Browser 9

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You may or may not have noticed that now at days most web browsers will have this little spinning circle that suppose to indicate that a page is loading but wasn’t it nice to know where you were at with the load time VIA a Progress Bar, well if you miss that and are a user of Firefox, you might want to check out this extension HERE.

Use Chopsticks to help clean your Electronics


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Did you know that those pair of chopsticks that you can’t use to eat could be used to clean some of your electronic devices? Maybe this sounds far out, but check out this article that has a way to use chopsticks to clean certain electronic devices, HERE.

Cart Vs. Basket @ Supermarket for Healthier Food Shopping

Standard shopping cart, picture taken at a Weg...

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Using a Cart at the Supermarket might improve your chances of shopping healthier when at the Supermarket by reinforcing the connection with Mind-Body which might seem a bit far out, but check out this article that explains why this may be true, HERE.

Customize Windows Explorer Toolbar

Windows Explorer in Windows XP

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You probably from time to time wish that you could change some of the icons on the Windows Explorer toolbar to items you need, or perhaps just rearrange the order of icons, this can be a very important issue to a user depending on how much the use Explorer, check out this program that might be able to get you the perfect toolbar you’ve wanted for Windows Explorer, HERE.

Use Google+ to Keep an Eye on your House

Google Logo officially released on May 2010

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The new Social Network Google+ has been making waves recently, and again we see another potential use for the service, you might be able to use the Hangouts feature for Home Security, sounds wild, check out this post that says otherwise, HERE.

Listen in on your friends Last.FM stream

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You know a friend that has step a pretty decent Last.FM stream and you love if you guys could some how share the stream, well then you might want to check out this web service that can do this for you, HERE.

Car Feels like a Oven when you first step into it, Try this trick

字(CJKV Character)

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Your car has been parked out front and when you step into it, you feel like its 1000 degrees and you now have to give it a few to cool off or bake, well maybe you should check out this Japanese technique to cooling off your car, HERE.

Place Free calls on iOS & Android with Viber

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Check out this pretty useful application that allow you to make phone calls to other Viber users VIA WIFI or 3G, which can end up saving you some cash at the end of the month, check out more about the Android application HERE.

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