Cool Filters for Photoshop

Logo of Adobe Photoshop.

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If you are an avid user of Photoshop and love to do your creative thing, then you might be interested in some more filters to add some unique looks to your photos, check out this site that has some cool ones to offer, HERE.

Video Player App for Android Devices

Android robot logo.

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Your probably wondering there are tons of apps to do all types of media stuff except you really can’t find a Video Player for your Android Device, or at least a decent one that is free, but now you might not have this issue anymore, check out this Android Video Player that seems to be pretty good, check out more information about the app, HERE.

Solar Powered Cooler for you Drinks in the Summer

Portable Ice Chest, detail of patent drawing.

Image via Wikipedia

Your always out and about in the summer time and when you take a cooler with you filled with things to drink it be best if you could somehow keep the cooler nice a cool through out your day, well maybe you can with this DIY project, for more details on how this Solar Powered Cooler works, check out this video HERE.

Lock & Unlock App on your Android Device with your Face?

Empathy (software)

Image via Wikipedia

Maybe you have wondered if there is a way to put a lock on specific application on your android device, like maybe your Social Network Apps, or Settings, whatever the case might be for you to lock an app on your Android Device, check out this application that can lock it for you and unlock the app using Face Reconigition, check out more about the app HERE.

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