Are mistakes a Mark of Progress?

Mistakes were made (but not by me)

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This might sound like an odd stance to take, but perhaps if you do make mistakes from time to time hopefully not too often, it might just mean that your always moving forward, making progress in life and your bound to run into a situation or two that your not going to come out a total winner from, but the mistakes never the less show us that we are pushing forward, check out this article that dives deeper into this train of thought, HERE.


Introvert: How to become more social

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It can be hard for people that are Introverts to build social relationship with their peers, but they might be able to break out of the shell by using the friends they do have to propel them into more friendships, check out this article that talks about how extroverts can benefit introverts, HERE.

Avoid Dirt in your Finger Nails

Its banjo time!

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Your about to go in the garden and do some work or do something that will mean there is a potential for your fingers to get dirty and your very much opposed to that idea, then you should check out this article with a very neat tip for this situation, HERE.

Compress your Pictures without losing Quality with RIOT for Windows

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Check out this pretty cool tool that you can use to compress the size of your pictures size without losing any quality with the compression, check out more about this product for Microsoft Windows called RIOT.

What you eat Trumps the Calorie Count for Weight Loss

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You always hear a thousand different things you can do to lose weight but does any of it really work, and sometimes we may thing counting calories will lead us to a new slim body and end up with more or less the same frame from the past, check out this article that attempts to explain why its more important to watch what you eat rather than its calorie count, HERE.

CyberGhost VPN allows for Anonymous Browsering

Virtual Private Network site to site and from ...

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When you are in public locations, or at work you don’t really want everyone to know what your doing online, after all we are entitled to a degree of privacy, so to achieve this perhaps you can use the free service CyberGhost VPN.

How to deal with a Heat Wave

Flag of the Red Cross

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The Red Cross has put together a great guide for dealing with Heat Wave conditions that can be brutal on everyone especially the elderly and children, so you might want to check out the Red Cross Guide for Heat Waves.

Find popular Web Recipes with PunchFork


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Check out this really cool service that ranks recipes on the web to find out which ones are top dog in the Web Recipe world, check out more about this service at Punchfork.

Fighting Assumptions can lead to self improvement

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A lot of the time we assume things to be true or have certain expectations about situations, people, events, that’s the nature of life, but sometimes its these same assumptions that leads to ones downfall when doing anything in life, so fighting against your natural assumptions might be useful, check out this article that talks more about this, HERE.

Curb your Mobile Minutes Usage on Android Devices

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Check out this really useful application that will either disconnect you from a call or remind you of the time you spent on the phone in an effort to make sure you don’t exceed your plans minutes for the monthly cycle, check out the Android app Limit your call.

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