ManageFlitter Gets your Google+ posts onto Twitter

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Your posting away on Google+ and wished that your other social networks could get to see your posts, well maybe you can’t setup all of your networks but you can get twitter to get your Google+ post with, ManageFlitter.

Yogurt pops Anyone?

Nonfat Yogurt

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Perhaps you have a thing for Yogurt pops and you have a Vacuum well your lucky then because that is all you need to make your own Yogurt Pops, for more details on how this all works check out this article, HERE.

Another Way To Save Money

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Perhaps you have tried many different ways to save money but you always end up having issues at the end of the day, perhaps you need a new technique like, perhaps viewing your money as if it were time, sounds odd, but check out this article that explains how this could save you money, HERE.

BenchTown Can Rate your Windows System

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Perhaps you want to know if your need to upgrade your system or not and you sure don’t trust Microsoft performance analysis to judge if you really do need a system upgrade, then you should check out BenchTown.

Getting Rid of Stickers

Laptop stickers: it's all about freedom.

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Its always cool when you put up a sticker somewhere representing something you like, but its not cool when its time to take that sticker down without making everything look ugly, well check out this article with a way to remove those stickers the right way, HERE.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Office Excel 2007

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Perhaps your using the newest version of Microsoft Excel which is 2010 and your a bit lost as to some of the shortcuts and keystrokes you used to use, or perhaps you want to know what new such shortcuts exist, what better way to check for them than this cheat sheet provided by Microsoft itself, HERE.

Substitute Peanut Butter for Shaving Gel / Cream?

Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefor...

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You just ran out of Shaving cream or gel whatever you prefer and your wondering how can I still shave and get going, well break out the Peanut Butter and start shaving, sounds nuts? Well check out this video that explains why this makes sense, and how it works, HERE.

View your WiFi Network with Wireless Network Watcher

modem WiFi

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You have noticed that your bandwidth isn’t what it used to be, you have contacted your ISP which says they haven’t had any problems and tests of your line shows everything is in working order, well perhaps there is someone stealing your Wifi connection, and what better way to catch them than to use this great program for windows called Wireless Network Watcher.

Electricity Free Refrigerator


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You may not have been aware but not all Refrigeration systems require electricty which might seem odd, but some sand and a few flower pots can get you on your way to chill your drinks, check out more details on the construction of such a device, HERE.

Lockscreen Calender for Android Devices

Android Market

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Perhaps you look at your calender to keep you in check as to what important events you have to get to today, and it would be useful instead of having to actually open the calender app, to just glance at your lockscreen and see your days events, well know you can achieve this with your android device using the app Lockscreen Calender.

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